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Hoops on men


thickring wrote:
j just love the feeling of wearing the large hoops..www.famipix.nl/userImages/a/3/6/v500_a361d4800823d82a05ee7e6d17e76827_27624383.jpg

it is great
Good 4.2\5
I would have worn, but somehow dumb.
There are clips at home, a ring of curtains.
Under the Indian or abogirena dress up and walk so.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN6-6jKVLgI my hoops
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Had a new session, took some large safetypins to pierce my ears and after playing a little put the large silver rings in. What a pleasure, the feeling of then dangling..

I wear a 1 1/2", a 1", a 1/2" hoop in both ears. Would love to find 6++ inch hoops to try!


jwduke01 wrote:
I wear a 1 1/2", a 1", a 1/2" hoop in both ears. Would love to find 6++ inch hoops to try!
Nice, How thick are they? Which metal are they?
I really love to see women with large hoops, even better if they wear multiple hoops. Also I love to wear jewlery my self. I’ll usually wear 5 cm hoops or larger in my first lobe piercings and 2 cm hoops in my other 6 ear piercings. I got 5 in my left and 3 in my right ear, all lobe piercings. Sometimes I wear heavy dangles in my first lobe piercings instead. I love to feel the wheight of the earrings and the sound of the earrings when they touch each other.

i am one of those perhaps rare guys who like to wear thick sturdy hoop earrings myself. I had my ears pierced a bit over a year ago and got tunnels inserted after that, of course both my ears at the same time. After having them stretched before the last lock down till 8mm now, a few days ago, 5mm earrings were hung into the tunnels.
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