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Random Tiktok Girls

magiczorro123 wrote:

I guess you misunderstood the idea behind my post. I'm a huge fan of this forum and i want it to be a good forum. And it is not the only forum i am active in, but by far the worst, quality-wise. Zero effort in the posts, lots of spam that should have been deleted years ago and most posts are just spamming @s instead of creating a good, clickable post. It's so easy with the tools that the forum presents, why not use them? Inserting a link takes 5 seconds and saves everyone who sees the post time and will get the ladies wearing hoop earrings more clicks. Seeing so many low-quality post stops people from clicking, participating and making their own posts. Quality over quantity!

And please, "people can do some effort themselves" and "if you want to leech you can invest 20 sec to look for a video". Are you American, with such an attitude? It's not about "punishing others" or "make them work", these ideas have no place in a forum to share and spread. It is about making a good forum with quality posts, where people are motivated to take part and share their pictures, videos and web finds. That's how all forums have worked that i have been part of in the last 25 years. The better the quality of a forum, the bigger the chance that you get good posters who share their content. The better the quality, the more willing people are to participate. The better the quality, the more clicks and views the ladies with hoop earrings will get. The more clicks they get, the bigger the chance that more ladies will wear hoop earrings.

Is it unfair that some people invest more time than others? Of course it is. And every single forum has been like this since the internet exists, with some people posting a lot and others enjoying the posts. Seeing lots of high quality posts with links and a decent formatting will encourage people to put the same effort into their posts. Seeing lots of quality posts will encourage people to read the forum and increase the chance of more people posting. That's how forums work. If we want more people posting and reading, we should work on increasing the quality of the forum.

If you're seing spam anywhere please shoot me a PM with a link and I will delete it. I check here often and am constantly cleaning it up but I must have missed some if you're seeing it somewhere. I think you severely understimate the tens of thousands of spam posts and links that I've had to review and delete here over years. As you indicated, it takes a little bit of extra effort from everyone in the community so just complaining instead of letting me know isn't going to accomplish much.

I do agree that it would be ideal that everyone linked the profiles or individual pics, that has been a frustration point for me. I've spent countless hours over the years adding URL tags around people's youtube links, but eventually stopped as I just don't have the time for it these days. At the end of the day people just either don't want to use, or aren't aware of the tools that are in place to link things. So a post like this can be a good reminder to all to take a few extra seconds to link your posts if you can. It really does help not only me but also everyone viewing your posts to actually get to the content you're trying to share.

For stuff that isn't linked, one thing I find that can help is if you double click the name to select it, or just drag your mouse over it, then right click and choose 'Search google for "@whoever"' then click on the first result in google. Just the same if they post the whole URL but don't link it, you can tripple click that line, then rigth click and select 'Goto "https://www.tiktok.com/@theeonlynetty'" and it will take you right there. Not ideal, but does save a bit of time when viewing.

In the mean time I will write up a "how to" on how to properly link posts and put it on the main page. I'm not sure it will help too much but it doesn't hurt to try, hopefully if I put it up front and center people will read it. But keep in mind many peopel here don't even speak English as their first language. Other than that I'd like to see if I can find or write a script to automatically add links around certain known URLs or patterns (e.g. anything that starts with an @ is probably instagram). But I'm a bit hesitant to invest too much time into that as there's already a new version of PHP Fusion I want to upgrade to however there's a bug I'm waiting on them to fix first. But who knows I might be able to shoe horn it into this version in the mean time as things move slow over there.
I know how it works but if you already spend hours to look up for new stuff and then post it its just a mess to edit and put it after every account/profile etc...for example for me the easiest way is to look at the file that I downloaded in jdownloader and then just copy the profile name....

sometimes I was looking for 2-3 hours straight and didnt found anything or maybe only 1 profile...and this went on for days...sometimes im spending 5-6 hours on a weekend to look up new stuff...i highly doubt that anyone here invests as much time as I do and when I read then something like "hey do a link out of it" which costs me maybe 5 seconds for each post but is highly annoying and the person can just copy the account name into the tik tok search which takes 2 seconds it just pisses me off because this person didnt understand shit how much time I already invested while the person who wants to see this can invest 5 seconds to find the profile...while I maybe needed 5 hours to get to that profile
I just added in a script called autolinker and it's done a pretty good job of linking the youtube, instagram and other links that didn't have the URL tags wrapped around it. It is also supposed to be able to handle the @user links but for some reason it doesn't want to work. It also needs to know if it's going to be for instagram or tiktok so if I can get that working we'll have to setup dedicated threads for each so I can tell it which to use.

See her wear her 6 inch hoop earrings!!! https://www.tiktok.com/tag/hoopsbyintoxibellaa
See her wear her 6-inch hoop earrings!!! https://www.tiktok.com/tag/hoopsbyintoxibellaa
Big hoops


finally with 6 inch hoops ;-)

leetzloveshoops wrote:


finally with 6 inch hoops ;-)

oh my god thank you. 6 inch hoops are the hottest thing in the world I can´t get enough of it
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