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Love small hoops
I always sorta had a fascination with girls ear piercings as I'd always notice at school when a girl had got her ears pierced and she came in with sparkly studs in her ears. My crush was one of the last girls in my year to her her ears pierced but she looked so good with her gold ball studs. Or so I thought because a few months later she had changed them to small silver hoop earrings about 12mm wide and she honestly looked so cute. I couldn't take my eyes off her. There was something so memorising about these hoops I loved them.
Then a few years later I had a friend who never usually wore earrings but when she did it was a real treat. She too had a taste for small sleeper hoops 12-14mm but instead like gold ones and I remember always getting aroused around her when she wore those small gold hoops. She just looked so cute and sexy and I just wanted to snog her and just play with her little hoops. She looked so good. She also wore larger medium sized hoops one time and just looked so hot altho I preferred the smaller hoops. I dunno why there's just something sexual about hoop earrings it's brilliant and I always notice a girl with hoops and find myself attracted towards them. I'm not so much a fan of really large hoops but I live the small and medium sized ones. They just scream to me I want you to fuck me. Sadly neither girl liked me but I hope to find a gf one day who loves to wear hoop earrings
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