December 04 2023 12:05:08
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The girl with the hoop
I haven in love with a girl with hoops for the past 8 months and she called me and told me that she would not be able to come this year . What do you think I should as I still like her , should I move on ? should I tell her that I like her and have a long distance relationship ?
I have been in the same exact position..i knew a girl through internet and she was like my cybergirlfriend and suddenly i realised she lived to far from me and that we would never meet each other..she and i talked every day and one day it started to feel like she had got bored of me and i of her...she is living her life there and i live mine here so i have decided to find a girl that lives nearer me.

i say dont give up hopeSmile Even if there is a very nice girl in another country there is also other wonderful girls that live nearer you.
Thanks for the advice as of today I am going to be looking for other girls but I will still be in touch with her and may be some day some thing may work out for the two of us but till that time I will keep looking .
Fond memories are memories that evoke positive emotions.
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