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Hey Boys!
I have been on this site on and off for over a year and I must say that in the past I had been embarrassed about my fetish. When I read through this site, many women do not understand what you mean when you say, describe how you feel wearing hoops. I only have one piercing in each ear now, but I love the weight of the hoop and I love feeling the metal in my ear and I love sex wearing hoops!
Hey! I'm glad to hear that you're proud of your hoops and not afraid to say it. I read your little story in one of the forums. I definitely would love to be part of that fantasy Wink. Well, since you enjoy hoops so much, I guess you wouldn't mind if I asked you to describe you're first experience wearing a pair of hoops. How did you feel having those things hang from your earlobe and sway in the air? From the sound of things, it must've been a welcoming experience Smile
I dont think its just girls who dont understand. I would never tell any of my guy friends about my fetish as I'm sure they wouldnt understand. So that's why I built this site!
Even though I am a girl, and pierced ears are normal. I was afraid to have them. I guess because I had this fetish, I was embarrassed to be seen in them. Therefore, the first time I wore hoops I ejoyed them in private by piercing my own ears (many times) and then letting them close up. However, the first time was sure a lot of fun! I examined my ears and marked with a pen where I wanted my holes. Cleaned the area and took the hoop and pushed it through the lobe. I repeated it on the other side. I could not believe my eyes. My ears ears were pierced. The metal from the hoop felt so heavy on my ears. Oh my goodness did I love that pulling, heavy, slightly painful feeling. The earring must have been about a one inched. That entire day I looked at myself in the mirror, went outside to feel the breeze pull my ear, and relished each moment until I took it out of my ears until the next piercing.
I'm so glad I found this site too! When I see a girl in big hoop earrings it really drives me wild. I thought maybe it was just me, but now I know its not just me.

It's been really cool to see that women have the fetish for wearing them. I've never heard that before but now I look ay women in big hoops just a little differently.

Let your freak flag fly everyone!
I am a married man. It is since always that when I meet a woman carrying to his lobes of hoop earrings, I like to look at it to admire it :). I made gift with my wife three pairs of earrings of broad circles, which it carries with pleasure and I like to help it to change them.

Before our marriage, my wife carried only the “dormeuses ones” or many “studs”. After the birth of my first child, I made him a gift: hoop earrings, an inch in diameter, which rained to him and which it carried with pleasure. Then, by time, I made him gift of other earrings of circle of larger diameters, 3 centimetres, 5 centimetres…

I omitted to specify that it has only one piercing in each lobe. Excuse me, please, of my english :(.
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Me, I do not have the ear lobes pierced and, in my opinion, the port of the earrings it is a female fashion. Just as my job the port of the earrings would not allow me. But one the tastes, isn't this does not discuss?
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I'm now looking for some large hoops for my wife.;)
The week which has just passed, I succeeded in to make a gift has my wife: a broad pair hoop earrings silver, 6 centimetres in diameter, by which she was well delighted.
Congratulations... (where are the pictures Wink)...
The best part of wearing my big hoops is feeling the move around when I walk. I also love feeling the weight of them and seeing them peek thru my long hairSmile
Any other guys feel this way about their earrings??
I am a man, like wearing them feel good, especially when they jump.
Cong... enjoy
I really enjoy to feel some weight on my lobes. Also like to hear the sound of earrings touching each other and the sound the wind can make walking a little fast. I am a man with 5 piercings in my left ear and 3 in the right ear. Feel naked if I don’t wear large earrings, mostly hoops but somtimes wear some dangly ones.
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