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What about Hoops with stones
Do you guys like Diamond Hoops or maybe ones with colored stones...
Do they carry the same sex appeal as the plain tubular ones ?

Check this for example -

[removed by admin]

Whats your view on this one ?
Edited by hlover on 10-03-2011 20:01
In my eyes the shown example looks overloaded and not sexy at all.
I think that most european hoop-lovers would prefer clean and clear types, both male and female.
Other cultural circles including North America might have another view of it.
And then one simple fact: This amount of diamonds or rubys is not affordable for most of us ....
Hoop earrings are a popular style of earrings that form a circular or semi-circular shape. The stones add an element of sparkle and color to the earrings, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
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