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Author Best Earring Styles For Your Face Shape
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Posted on 23-04-2019 06:50
I've seen this concept mentioned a few times over the years and personally think it's a bunch of hogwash. What do you all think? Does the shape of of your face dictate what type of earrings you can wear?

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Author RE: Best Earring Styles For Your Face Shape

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Posted on 24-04-2019 15:01
I agree with you hlover, for me that concept is pure non-sense, as the act of deciding which earrings someone should wear is completely subjective and it entirely depends on that person's point of view, not on anyone else or anything else.

It doesn't matter what that video says: if a person with (for example) a round face or even short neck puts on big hoops, and then he/she looks at him/herself on the mirror and likes what he/she sees, then that "objective" concept fails.

In addition, it can't be generalized, because I've seen hundreds of people with short necks and varied shapes of faces wearing 5" hoop earrings or bigger and I love their looks, thus that concept doesn't and will never work for me.

You see, it is all opinion based, thus this concept can never be objective. There might be tendencies in society towards wearing specific kinds of earrings for each type of face, but the mistake people that defend this concept usually do is that they generalize it as a fact that everyone must follow in order "to look good" with their earrings.

To sum up, for me it's like trying to dictate that everyone must like the blue color over the pink one because "it looks better in clothes than pink"... That is just wrong and makes no sense, at all.

Big earrings collector, including long dangles and my favourite: Huge hoops, sizing from 3" to 6" (Although I admit that the hoops I really love are the 6" ones. I put them on every day, they are one of a kind ♥♥).
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