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AI Training?
Does anyone know a good AI to create photos with hoops? So the idea is to train the AI with girls with oversized hoops and then let it create a photo of another person wearing those hoops...that way we could achieve our dreams to have any girl we'd like to see wearing 5-6 inch hoops xD
I was actually playing around with that quite a bit a few months back using Stable Diffusion. I found that in general AI sucks at generating earrings. It either does not understand that they need to match in both ears, or what angles they need to be placed at, or come up with weird and elaborate patterns that aren't circles. It was like 100 bad pictures for every 1 good one I generated.

What I did find somewhat productive for what you were suggesting though was to use their inpainting feature. Then I'd mask out an area near the ears and have it try to create hoop earrings. Same result but at least it would be on a real person instead of an AI generated face.

But yeah I did wonder about training a Lora on photos of women wearing just hoops. I literally have thousands of photos on my computer of that so I certainly have the material. But I'm just not sure it would be worth the time effort, or if I'm better off waiting a bit for the technology to mature.

But in any case I was debating adding a gallery of AI photos. Just wasnt sure people would be interested or if we really wanted to go down that route because I feel like it could quickly turn into a thing where people are only posting AI generated photos and nothing really, which would kinda suck.
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